A Talk

Jolika Sudermann & Alma Söderberg (2011)

What is the melody of a love story? With what sort of rhythm do we doubt each other? Do we dance differently when we tell each other secrets? We talk every day about all sorts of things. Sometimes it is to convey something that’s important to us, sometimes just to hear the sound of our own voice. Jolika Sudermann and Alma Söderberg observed and listened to conversations, their own and others. What they found was melody, gesture and rhythm. They noticed that when we speak to each other we are actually singing and dancing with each other.

trailer | full lenght

concept, choreography and performance: Jolika Sudermann & Alma Söderberg
artistic advice: Igor Dobričić, Martin Nachbar
light design: Erik Gramberg, Tilo Schwarz
production management: Stephanie Lühn
production: hetveem theater (The Netherlands)
co-production: zeitraumexit (Germany), FFT (Germany)
support: Tanzfabrik (Germany)