Alma Söderberg - Tuve Hildebrand (curation) - with Eva Karczag - Phyllis Akinyi - Marie Kaae (2024)

Welcome to Salongen!

Alma Söderberg and Tuva Hildebrand invite you to Salongen, the first of a series of gatherings where dance and conversation co-exist. On Tuesday, June 11 at 19.00 in Alma Söderberg Studio at Kulturhuset Mazetti in Malmö.

At each salon, there will be a specific theme where we can experience and discuss artistic methods in dance and movement, as well as its connections to philosophy, spirituality, and the personal.

The theme for this evening is improvisation as a rigorous way of practicing dance and life! Especially for this occasion, we have invited three experienced dancers from different genres and generations, all dedicated to improvisation in their practice. They will each perform a solo and participate in a public conversation moderated by Alma and Tuva.

Dancers participating are Eva Karczag (NE/NY), original dancer for Trisha Brown and global pioneer of somatic dance practice and Releasing methods, and Marie Kaae (DK) an internationally known performer, educator, and battle cat with nearly 25 years of experience. She has studied with the Afro-American and European Pioneers of the style and is amongst the new generation leaders of this genre. Phyllis Akinyi (DK/KE) works within the realm of flamenco and has spent many years researching and highlighting its African and diasporic expressions.

11.6 2024 Alma Söderberg Studio, Malmö (SE)