Sound A Rose In

Alma Söderberg (2023)


With a new artistic format, Alma Söderberg is going to create a three hour durational performance called Sound A Rose In.It’s based on the first part of the trio Entangled Phrases. Three women sit on three chairs, for three hours. Three rhythms overlap and create a polyrhythm of two against three and three against four. Words are broken down into syllables that fill each beat and like so a fragmented poem about friendship and resistance unfolds. The performers weave themselves together both visually and aurally through dedication and affection. They respond to a society of fear developing a technique of sensitivity and through the polyrhythmic listening they nurture the ability to hold several thoughts at once while responding with their full capacities to complexity. The piece is developed in close collaboration with the performers Anja Muller (Berlin), Angela Peris Alcantud (Barcelona) as well as with Ella Östlund and Inaja Skands (Copenhagen).


Anja Müller
Angela Peris Alcantud
Alma Söderberg
Ella Östlund
Inaja Skands

advice: Hendrik Willekens
supported by: Kulturrådet, Konstnörsnämnden, Malmö Stad och Dansplats Skog.

8.6 2024 WELD/Tantolunden, Stockholm (SE)
5.5 2024 PACT Zollverein, Essen (DE)
24.9 2023 Skogen, Göteborg (SE)
23.9 2023 Malmö konstmuseum, Malmö (SE)