The Listeners (2020)
Alma Söderberg with Cullberg

Alma Söderberg will work with nine dancers in Cullberg. Using voice, rhythm and movement they will explore the relation between listening and moving. In a performance that could be a concert in the sense that it invokes listening, the space and the bodies are played as instruments. The dance becomes a tool to describe the sound, and the sound becomes a tool to describe the dance. Sounds and movements create knots and entanglements that feedback off each other and that produces a situation where the skill of paying attention is practiced on all sides, on that of the performer-listener and on that of the audience-listener. In that sense the title does not only refer to the performers but also to the audience. The role of the performer is to notice and let notice, the skill is to listen and describe.


Choreography Alma Söderberg in collaboration with the dancers.
Music Dehendrik Lechat Willekens
Costume design Behnaz Aram
Lighting design Pol Matthé
Dramaturge Igor Dobricic
Artistic advice Anja Röttgerkamp
Rehearsal director Thomas Zamolo