EAREYE Festival

Alma Söderberg — Curation (2020)

“Making EAREYE festival is a dream come true for me; a
dancer turned musician turned choreographer turned
curator. It’s a dream come true because EAREYE is a festival
that intends to listen as it looks. It’s an unapologetically
attention-oriented extravaganza. It’s a trip. It’s a place for the
entanglement of sound and movement; of music and
dance; of thought and choreography; of meaning and matter.
The choreographer Deborah Hay says, “It’s not what you do,
it’s how you perceive” and in a similar way this festival
focuses more on attention than on representation. It gathers
artists that are artisans of attention; who carve out,
mold and shape our listening and our looking. It gathers artists
whose ethics are engraved in how they practice attention.
EAREYE includes choreographic works that are poems; highly
performative concerts; a dance that examines the body
as a musical instrument; another that is music for the eye. In a
visually dominated art form, this festival turns to look at the ear.
With EAREYE I hope to create a place for indulging in deep
and playfully obsessive attention. The artists explore
their material in such depth and in such detail, that in doing
so, they reveal a multiplicity of manifestations; of humor, of
tragedy, of thought, of movement and of music.”

Eareye festival is a festival that first took place at Inkonst just before the pandemic in March 2020. It hosted among others: Deborah Hay, Stina Fors, Sukitoa o Namau, Tian Rotteveel, Jeanine Harrington and many more.